Vaata ALEX datasheet'i


The ALEX liquid ring vacuum pumps guarantee capacity between 180 and 7500 mc/h. They are greatly used in the paper, sacchariferous, minerary, cement, chemical, regenerated leather industries and in filtration plants.


These are one stage liquid ring vacuum pumps, designed to allow a very limited energetic consumption against continuous functioning in harsh conditions.
Their reliability and functioning efficiency, with low energy consumption, are guaranteed by the use of distributors with wide passages. Reduced overall dimensions, ease of installation and maintenace, reduced components and efficiency recovery with simple tuning are the main characteristics. The ALEX pumps can be built in standard or special version for high vacuum. The standard building material is cast irosn, but RV 316 (stainless steel pumps) and RC (composite ceramic covered pumps) versions are available. The seals are guaranteed by teflonated stuffing box seals in the standard version; mechanical seals are mounted if requested.